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Zoom F8 Field Recorder Review

About 2 years ago I put together a audio solution for my needs, at that time I was and still am interested in field recordings.  I shelled out a bunch of money for some Sound Devices mixers, ...
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Nikon Eyepiece Magnifying DK 17M

dmb 0 170 Article rating: No rating
Nikon makes a number of optional eyepieces for you Nikon DSLR cameras.  I have three favorites - the one that comes with the camera, the right angle finder with 2 x magnification (DR-5) and the ...

The Best Camera Holster

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Like a lot of people, we start with the camera strap that is shipped with the camera - seems reasonable, it is free and has that nice logo on it so everyone knows what camera you use.  However, ...

The Nikon 19mm PC-E Tilt/Shift Review

dmb 0 9 Article rating: No rating
Product Rating: 5 Stars out of 5 Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): This is the best Nikon wide Perspective Control Lens to date - amazing sharpness and professional controls. I have a passion ...

Ball Head Comparison and Review

dmb 0 16 Article rating: No rating
Let us start with why we need a ball head, Simple right? Like tools, one tool can be used for multiple purposes. When I first started i thought if I get a good ball head my need for any other ...
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