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Nikon D500
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Nikon D500

Nikon's Top DX

The Nikon D500 is Nikons Top Digital DSLR DX format Camera.

Image Quality The images are very nice showing excellent dynamic range, detail and resolution for cropping and producing stunning prints. + image size is not too burdensome for download using either the wireless or USB cable, as files sizes are roughly 21mb.  By the second day of use and after a few tweaks I am getting excellent predictable results even in difficult lighting conditions with ISO up to 12,800 if you need to ramp it up that high. For outdoor wildlife I try my best to stay under 800 ISO to retain feather / hair details. With the D500 the high ISO noise is minimized and holds up very well.  I found the D500 is capable of shooting underexposed and still being able to produce excellent images following post process corrections when shooting in RAW.  In camera editing is available as well with a good selection of editing tools.

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Camera MfgNikon
Sensor Format
  • DX - 1.5x Crop Sensor 24.8 x 18.6mm

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